HBO Show The Pacific

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Starting March 14th HBO will begin a ten part WW II show- The Pacific”. My understanding is that a small part of the show features events that took  place in Carlsbad, when the Carlsbad Hotel was the site of  USO events.  John Basilone, who is one of the main characters in the show was a decorated marine,  stationed at Camp Pendleton and the Carlsbad Hotel is where he met his wife.


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The Carlsbad Historical Society was established in 1975 to preserve, promote, and enhance knowledge of the surrounding area's history, significant landmarks, institutions and memorabilia. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to reaching out to the community through educational as well as social events.
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4 Responses to HBO Show The Pacific

  1. Ginny Unanue says:

    Joyce Smith talks of going to USO functions with her mother to serve cookies, etc., at the St. Michael’s Parish Hall dfuring WWII. I wonder if that was before the hotel started doing it? Or, maybe they were different kinds of events, and done in both places.

    • cbadhistory says:

      I think it was St. Michael’s doing the cookies and punch groups and the hotel held dances and that sort of event.

  2. sabrinammessenger says:

    I’ve just recently watched the miniseries The Pacific and read the book, and now I’m completely obsessed with the love story of Gunny John Basilone and Sgt Lena Riggi Basilone. What they had was truly special even if it only lasted for a short time! True love knows no deadlines. When I was a WM on active duty at Camp Pendleton back in the early 80s, for me Basilone was only the name of a long winding road going out to the outer camps, but now that I’m reading up, I’m discovering just how truly great he was! As for Lena, there’s so many six degree things between her and me it’s not even funny. We were both Marines, both married Marines, and also used to spend lots of time in Carlsbad restaurants with my man, I attended the same church in Oceanside where they married, and as it turns out, Len grew up not far where where I now live in Oregon!

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