Annual Meeting a Great Success!

Old Friends and new gathered on Sunday, October 17 at the Barrio Museum: informative, fun and historical!

Ofie, Geoff and Tina


Mayor Bud Lewis honored by Ofie and Connie

Mayor Bud Lewis, Ofie and Connie


Sue ( outgoing President) Geoff -Treasurer and German ( incoming President)

Oldtimers Remember


About Carlsbad Historical Society

The Carlsbad Historical Society was established in 1975 to preserve, promote, and enhance knowledge of the surrounding area's history, significant landmarks, institutions and memorabilia. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to reaching out to the community through educational as well as social events.
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One Response to Annual Meeting a Great Success!

  1. Mildred Espy says:

    I, too, enjoyed the Annual Meeting. The pictures add so much and help many of us become better
    acquainted. Thanks

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