History/Nature Mini Tour –Buena Vista Creek Valley

Last Chance :  History/Nature Mini Tour — Buena Vista Creek Valley

 Walk in the  valley and the grounds of the historic Marron Adobe

 See it before it is too late!

This historic adobe and the land surrounding it is identified as one of the 12 most endangered historic sites in all of San Diego County.   The Valley includes the El Salto Waterfall, a sacred site to Native Americans ; an adobe dating back to the original Mexican land grant;  a key link in the regional wildlife movement corridor; and Buena Vista Creek with its rich natural resources that support the downstream lagoon. 

 See it before it is too late!  McMillin proposes 656 homes in this valley , a massive development that will destroy the historic context of this priceless area. 

 Mini tour  includes a short walk in the valley down to Buena Vista Creek, tour of the grounds of the historic adobe  and special exhibits that highlight the cultural, historic and natural resources of this very special area.  Tour will be repeated on three Saturdays  in Jan and Feb from 10 am – 11 am. 

  When :  Sat  January 12  or January 26    or  Sat  Feb 9 Time  :    10 – 11 AM 

 Where :  Cul-de-sac on Haymar Rd near historic Marron Adobe in  Carlsbad   (near # 78 at College exit)

 Directions:  From College exit off # 78 take Haymar/Plaza Rd to the west (frontage road that goes past Mossey-Nissan) Go 7/10th of a mile to the end of the road.  Park in cul-de-sac or along Haymar.  

For more information contact info@preservecalavera.org or call 760-724-3887.


About Carlsbad Historical Society

The Carlsbad Historical Society was established in 1975 to preserve, promote, and enhance knowledge of the surrounding area's history, significant landmarks, institutions and memorabilia. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to reaching out to the community through educational as well as social events.
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