The CHS Adobe Houses Historic Tour

The Carlsbad Historical Society adobe houses historic tour was held recently on October 2nd with about 80 members attending. The annual meeting and elections were held in conjunction with the tours.

The house site of Juan Maria Marron, the original recipient of the Mexican Land Grant called Rancho Agua Hedionda, was first toured. Current owner Karen Kelly and Sara Kelly hosted the home located on El Camino Real near College Blvd. Juan was a prominent Mexican citizen who applied and received the grant in the 1840’s. Patriarch Robert Kelly, whose family inherited the property, lived in the house later; more recently Carrol and Alice Kelly remodeled and added a new adobe built by the Weir Brothers of Escondido. Members were given a tour of the lush gardens and attractive home.

The second home was the built by Weir Brothers for Allan and Katherine Kelly in 1960 near Cannon Drive, located on a hill with views overlooking the Agua Hedionda Lagoon. Allan was a cousin of Carrol Kelly, both being born on the Rancho. Marvin Sippel and Mary Scherr hosted. At this site the members were served with ice cream and toppings and toured the house and expansive gardens. These were developed by Katherine Kelly and gardener Moises Morales, and later improved by her daughter Lucia Kelly Sippel. Music by the Kenny and Richie Langen family was enjoyed by all.

Parking was assisted by military and a volunteer from the Leo Carrillo historic rancho.

The historical society board is appreciative of all the recent new members who were in attendance.


About Carlsbad Historical Society

The Carlsbad Historical Society was established in 1975 to preserve, promote, and enhance knowledge of the surrounding area's history, significant landmarks, institutions and memorabilia. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to reaching out to the community through educational as well as social events.
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