From the archives!

From the Archives –by Susan Schnebelen Gutierrez

Often a historian’s best informational resource for daily life of times gone by can be found in old newspaper articles, sale ads, classifieds and society news.  Newspapers recount lofty events as well as civic and government actions and they also provide the recorder of the minute details of a community. These details create a clearer and more accurate picture of real life, occurrences that affected the common citizen; the touchingly small details of family life such as births and deaths, marriages, divorce, children’s achievements, and family sorrows and misfortunes. Mundane business Classifieds present information on the sorts of jobs available, giving us an idea of a community’s economic viability. Sale ads let us know which sorts of goods and services were available in an area, spotlighting the economic stability of the place and how it connected to the larger community.

Carlsbad was fortunate to have several local newspapers that provide us with these details. The Carlsbad Sea Lion published weekly for a 6 month period in 1887, the Spirit of Love published monthly by local resident W.W. Borden in the early 1900s until 1922, the Carlsbad Champion, begun in the 1920s published weekly and then daily and underwent a name change to the Carlsbad Journal and continued printing until the 1990s and lastly coverage through the Blade Citizen, published daily and later known as the North County Times.

For the most part these newspapers documented  the development  and growth of the city beginning in the late 1880s when we are notified through print of   the actual construction of the first buildings in downtown, to the incorporation of the city in the 1950s and beyond to the tremendous growth and development through the 2000s and much more.  Most are available on microfilm at the Carlsbad City Library- Cole Branch. Here are a few interesting excerpts from our earliest newspapers.


Carlsbad Sea Lion

December 10, 1887 The Des Moines In. Saturday Mail has the following to say regarding the marriage of Col. S.C. Smith, Secretary of the Carlsbad Land and Mineral Water Co. of this city to Miss Louise Lehman of that city.

Smith – Lehman

Thursday morning at 10 o’clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kahler, Miss Louise Lehman sister of Mrs. Kahler and Samuel C. Smith of Carlsbad California were married by Rev. George C. Henry of the English Lutheran church. ……. Miss Lehman wore her traveling costume, a rich wine broadcloth tailor made suit and coat and hat to match she added on starting away. A wedding breakfast followed the ceremony after which Mr. and Mrs. Smith took  their departure amid a shower of old shoes and rice, for visits in Omaha, Columbus, Grand Island Nebraska and Boulder Colorado before proceeding to  Carlsbad California where Mr. Smith is engaged in the real estate business.

(Our addition – Samuel Church Smith was a town founder and builder of the Magee house)


Spirit of Love

July 1914 Death of Mrs. Emily Kelly, mother of the owners of Kelly Ranch and adjoining Carlsbad died in San Diego July 8th 1914 in her 84th year. Interment was in Greenwood Cemeteries. Her husband and relatives will be moved from the old homestead near San Marcos, Ranch Los Kiotes now owned by Leo Carillo.

August 1916 Alfred Schutte has a new Dodge car; he is becoming expert in driving.

Carlsbad Champion

1925 Masthead, author unknown: “Carlsbad, where spring comes in the summer, and summer comes in the fall; where fall comes in the winter and winter comes not at all.”

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    Wonderful history lessons. Keep ’em coming!

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