New Display – Recently Restored Twin Inns Restaurant Guest Registers

The Carlsbad Historical Society is pleased to announce a unique new display featuring the recently restored historic Twin Inns Restaurant Guest Registers at the Carlsbad Historical Society Museum located in Magee Park. Librarian, and Hand bookbinder, Margit Smith undertook the restoration of the two Guest Registries, and funding was provided by the El Camino Questers.

The Registers cover the years 1930s-1950s.

The display memorabilia  includes  two registries filled with significant signatures of well known Twin Inns guests, menus, blue willow china,  a recipe of Twin Inns Corn Fritters, photos, timeline of the restaurant, and photo display of the restoration process. The Carlsbad Historical Society Museum is open FridaySaturday and Sunday 11AM to 3PM and located at 258 Beech Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008 For more information please contact us at

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Carlsbad Historical Society – Photos for Sale

There are copies of 35 photographs from our collection available for sale. Here is the link.

Photos are in 5 x 7 and 8 x 12 inch sizes. Most of them are high resolution.

Please fill out the form and return it with your check.

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Members Exclusive Event! New Display for Twin Inns Register – Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 2 pm

Save the Date – Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 2 pm
Members Exclusive Event! New Display for Twin
Inns Register
After several years, we are finally able to display our newly
restored Twin Inns Guest Registers. We are very excited to
share this opportunity with our members and the public.
This is the first time these will be available for public
In 2016, two of the Twin Inns red leather-bound Guest
Registers were donated to the Carlsbad Historical Society
by Robert Burke, former owner of Neiman’s and the
purchaser of the Twin Inns Restaurant. He donated them
to the Carlsbad Historical Society to be used for historical
interpretation and display. The registers span the years
from the 1930s to the early 1960s. One of the registers
had the Twin Inns Chicken watermarked on each page.
(The Twin Inns Restaurant operated between 1919 and
Jo Geary, a member of the El Camino Real Chapter of the
Questers, contacted our archivist and asked if we would be
interested in their participation to pay for the repair and
restoration of the two Twin Inns Guest Registers. We
accepted their offer. The Questers located Margit Smith,
known professionally as “The Booksmith”, and who is the
retired head of cataloging and preservation at the
University of San Diego, Copley Library. Secretary Gutierrez
drove the registers to Mrs. Smith where she worked on
them for more than six months.
Once again, Jo Geary, Julian native and now Carlsbad
resident, arranged for us to receive a donated cabinet from
the Julian Historical Society. After many hours of labor from
Don Krepps, we now have a safe display for the two Twin
Inns Guest Registers.

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Q1 2018 Newsletter

Please find our Q1 newsletter here.

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Q4 Newsletter

Please find our Q4 2017 Newsletter at this link.

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Annual meeting and elections

October 15, 2017, from 2 to 4 pm

Our 2017 Membership meeting was held at Rancho Carrillo (the old Mathew Kelly ranch). We were first given a tour by Kevin Bender, former archivist at Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park and currently researching and writing the first full-length biography of Leo.

After a call to order, the last year’s minutes were approved, and President Ginny Unanue gave a presentation. We have a new board member: Ken Langen, a long time resident of Carlsbad, who will be serving as Vice President. Connie Trejo will now serve as CHS Barrio Ambassador. The CHS By-Law’s change to allow board members to serve up to four consecutive two year terms was approved. Our membership has increased significantly as a result of the efforts of our board member Marvin Sipple. Finances are in good shape.

A big, Thank You Kevin Bender!, for our Annual Meeting Program. Kevin a CHS  member,  and former  Carrillo Ranch employee  was involved in the creation of the newest  Interpretive  Carrillo Ranch display. Kevin suggested this site as our Annual Meeting event, and lead our   Carlsbad Historical  Society Annual Meeting program, and tour Of Carrillo Ranch.

The Board of Directors welcome all suggestions for future events and programs, please let us know your ideas.

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Newsletter Q3

Here is a link to our Q3 Newsletter.

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