Ever wonder what to do with Grandma’s old sewing machine? Or have photos of your growing up years in Carlsbad? Or what about all those sports uniforms your kids wore in high school?  The Carlsbad Historical Society gladly accepts donations of Carlsbad related artifacts, photos, drawings, maps, clothing,diaries, letters and other memorabilia. All items accepted will be accessioned and made available for our  interpretative  historical displays or research.  All items must have some significance or connection to Carlsbad History. All donations will have a gift deed transferring ownership from the donor to the Carlsbad Historical Society. In case of photographs and other written  materials or images, copyright must also be transferred. If you are interested in adding to the collective understanding of Carlsbad History please contact our office at 760-434-9189.


1 Response to Donations

  1. Jerry Colling says:

    This is another brilliant outreach tool and hopefully will yield some historically valuable donations for our Magee House/Museum.

    Jerry Colling

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