CHS toured Rancho Santa Margarita


On May 21 a group of our society  toured Rancho Santa Margarita, hosted by Pendleton Base historian Fay Jonasen. This site has undergone renovation over the last 10 years and presents new displays that connect the indigenous people, the Spanish explorers, the Mexican control, and the American people. The rancho has many interesting items that are gracefully displayed.

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“Old and Interesting” Book Sale

Who can resist the lure of an old and interesting book; the unique prose, the smell, texture and feel of old paper, or simply the notes from previous readers scribbled on the margins?

Your opportunity to give in to the temptation of an old and interesting book is right around the corner. The Friends of the Carlsbad Library’s “Old and Interesting” Book Sale begins Monday, June 8, 2015 at 10am at the City of Carlsbad’s Dove Library location located at 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011. Material offered for sale at reasonable prices, will include very old books, and some less than 50 years old that include works of fiction, nonfiction, children’s, magazines and historical material of specific interest to genealogists.

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Q1 2015 Newsletter


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Tour or Rancho Buena Vista Adobe

Buena Vista AdobeIMGP2197

This adobe is beautifully furnished and the gardens around it are well done. The first building dates back to 1846 when Felipe Subria was granted this land by Mexican Governor Pio Pico. Over the years it had several owners, including the owners of the Rancho Guajome adobe, and movie actress Margarita Fisher.The City of Vista bought this property in 1989 and it was furnished through donations from its citizens.

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History Book Club

The Carlsbad Historical Society is organizing a history book club. We are brainstorming ideas and think that historical non-fiction and fiction of historical significance may be of interest to our members and guests. Please request information at

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Carlsbad Street Sign in 1939 – Pomona Public Library Collection

getimage.exe signoldzoom

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Q4 Newsletter

Here is a link to our Newsletter for Q4 2014

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