Historic eucalyptus tree falls


Historic eucalyptus at Magee Park falls due to the strong winds. Over 100 years old. At the corner of Carlsbad Blvd. and Beech Ave.

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Newsletter Q4 2015

Our latest newsletter is available here or at our website: Carlsbadhistoricalsociety.com

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ODE TO THE CARLSBAD HISTORICAL SOCIETY On the Occasion of its 40th Anniversary

It’s been 40 years, nearly half of a century.

We’ve grown and advanced and it’s been quite adventury.

The Society started in seventy-five,

When many back then now are barely alive.

It came as a gift from one Florence Magee,

A house and a barn and a park by the sea.

This gift to the City helped found CHS,

And we’ll thank her forever for all her largess.

The Magee House and barn open three days a week,

With a docent on hand to help visitors seek

Everything about Carlsbad that they want to know:

Like something about someone’s dog named Juno.

From 11 to 3 every Fri., Sat., and Sun.,

People come in to learn or at least to have fun.

The house has nine rooms, there’s a barn in the back,

And also an outhouse that’s small, just a shack.

At 258 on a street name of Beech,

The Magee House is almost a school where we teach

All about Carlsbad, the area’s history;

A great way to learn and to solve every mystery.

The House now is more like the City’s museum;

For learning it’s also a true athenaeum.

With lectures and tours and some special events,

There’s lots going on, only weather prevents.

Original chairs and some desks and some beds

And crochets and fine covers that make lovely spreads.

On the walls you see paintings and timelines and more,

All part of exhibits of Carlsbad of yore.

Each December we host a Victorian party

With old decorations – they’re really quite arty.

And the barn in the back contains lots of displays,

Like tools used in farming, a saddle that sways.

And there’s also a safe that was once the town bank.

It weighs like a ton so it’s too hard to yank.

Surrounding the house are rose gardens and herbs

That are very unique (we hope no one disturbs).

Another old building is Heritage Hall,

Before ‘twas a church, later cops were on call.

Next door is the Granary, moved from Twin Inns.

While there it was used to feed chickens in bins.

The City takes care of all major repairs,

Like fixing the roof and the deck as it wears.

The Society’s goal: to preserve and enhance

All the history of Carlsbad, it’s quite a romance.

We hope to be here for as long as we can,

With thanks to supporters, our membership clan.

Geoff Armour

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Q3 Newsletter available online


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Carlsbad Historical Society to celebrate 40th anniversary on October 17

Annual Meeting Schedule of Events

11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Open House for Magee House and Barn
Jerry Colling will be playing appropriate music in the meeting room at the house!

12:00 pm – 1 pm
Annual Meeting and Lunch – Heritage Hall
Will we announce the results of the election of officers and enumerate a few of the accomplishments of CHS during its 40 years.

Lunch by Tip Top Meats. Coast $18. must have paid reservation by October 10. Mail check to P.O. Box 252 Carlsbad, Ca 92018- 0252

1:00 pm- 2:00 pm
Poem about Carlsbad and the Society by Geoff Armour, and a dramatic reading of Letters of Florence Magee.

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CHS toured Rancho Santa Margarita


On May 21 a group of our society  toured Rancho Santa Margarita, hosted by Pendleton Base historian Fay Jonasen. This site has undergone renovation over the last 10 years and presents new displays that connect the indigenous people, the Spanish explorers, the Mexican control, and the American people. The rancho has many interesting items that are gracefully displayed.

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“Old and Interesting” Book Sale

Who can resist the lure of an old and interesting book; the unique prose, the smell, texture and feel of old paper, or simply the notes from previous readers scribbled on the margins?

Your opportunity to give in to the temptation of an old and interesting book is right around the corner. The Friends of the Carlsbad Library’s “Old and Interesting” Book Sale begins Monday, June 8, 2015 at 10am at the City of Carlsbad’s Dove Library location located at 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011. Material offered for sale at reasonable prices, will include very old books, and some less than 50 years old that include works of fiction, nonfiction, children’s, magazines and historical material of specific interest to genealogists.

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